This is actually a foremost idea to get more space from the corners of your house. Try to make these shelves and enjoy storing loads of stuff.

The useless corner of room have got a great use now. If your home also have such small spaces, you simply need to replicate this idea there.

Room of closet shelves that show the storage boxes everywhere. You must have such a room in the house if you’re fed up from storing the loads of stuff.

Well, I don’t have such variety of pairs of shoes. But, if you’ve, the best way is to construct these closet shelves in the house.

This ladder if shelves is attached with the upper long area of storing stuff. The simple yet elegant set of shelves.

Corner of any room can’t be utilized in such a best way. This five story area of shelves is perfect to keep your important stuff protected.

Set of small and wide shelves inside the closet is not less than a blessing for the girls indeed. This looks so useful for storing a lot of stuff.

Any closet without shelves looks so incomplete. This is the simplest one with the same size of shelves from bottom to the top.

Perfect closet is the one that you’re seeing in this image. The shelves of different sizes and for storing variety of things are present inside it.

The longer horizontal shaped shelf attached with the vertical set of small shelves. This can also be a best idea to give proper and protected space to your stuff.