I must say that this is quite clever use of a ladder indeed. It has been fitted from different sides with the wall. The framed photos couldn’t have such a great use than this.

Who would not like have these tidy shelves in their kitchen? The simple and well-constructed shelves of farmhouse are worth-creating in your kitchen.

These shelves have been constructed to store large stuff. As you can see that flower pots, books and lots of other stuff have been perfectly stored in these shelves.

All you need to have are three wooden planks. These two small shelves are enough to store all kind of your stuff easily.

The wooden shelves with the wood base can be helpful for you to keep your things protected. These shelves are considered as quite useful every time you visit the farmhouse.

Variety of sections to store the items in bulk. These shelves are actually for storing the heavy items and with bulk quantity i.e. fruits, vegetables, beers and many other things etc.

This closet-like three story box of shelves seems quite useful. The design is unique and white color actually suits on it.

All for decoration purpose set of three shelves looks quite well-built. The hard and thick wood pieces have been used to make these shelves more appealing.

Your shopping cart or basket can be transformed in this way. Have you ever thought of it? An amazing style of utilizing the old net baskets by making useful shelves.

This genius attempt is definitely going to leave you jaw dropped. The three baskets have been fitted with the ladder. This looks so great and workable.