The uncovered table is all set to be recreated in the more traditional way. This really would become a perfect bench to sit for everyone.

Who says that comfortable seats, benches or sofas can’t be constructed at home? The few long wooden pillars and the brick-made two sided shown area is the best example of it.

These old leather seats have been creatively used to construct the new bench. It’s a bit comfortable and best to keep in the backyards.

Two-sided racks with the convenience of sitting in the center looks perfect. Grab your favorite book from inside of racks and start reading by sitting in the middle.

This perfect small patio portion don’t need further modifications at all. From the top the bottom, this portion is enough to give you peace of mind.

The wooden bench seems all set to get a comfortable foam seat. Wooden material is looking quite solid and durable that assures the long life of this bench-to-be.

Small patio in front of windows and filled with cushions is the ideal place for book lovers. The bottom section is full of books that shows it a right place for reading.

Here is the little wooden bench with two soft cushions to add a bit comfort when to sit on it. Well, this is an ideal sitting option for children.

This diy home seat has been transformed from the old table. There is no doubt that it looks quite comfortable from every side.

Set of shelves, racks and drawers in a divider that is also based on a small sitting area in the center. The design, art and creativity are definitely praiseworthy in it.