This diy light project shows that there is no worth of passion. The simple drawing on white paper has got a great transformation with the addition of lights. It really looks cool to the eyes.

The bunch of led light emitting diodes that are all set to brighten the room with the lights. This looks so unorganized but the view would be opposite once it’s begin to lit up.

Stunningly beautiful creation to show the led lights by hiding inside the woven cloth. it can be a better wall hanging decoration piece for sure.

These shiny dots on the dummy’s leg are actually the small LED lights. This is definitely look amazing and give us a unique idea of wearing tights or leggings with the fixed led lights.

Pair of two connected Christmas wreaths adorned with beautiful artificial flowers, leaves and beads. The Led lights have given it more stunning look and best wall hanging decoration piece.

Led light inside the woolen basket doesn’t only look superb but also brought superb idea of adding a new décor piece in our living room. This looks so cool indeed.

Simply, spectacular. Wait a minute! This isn’t a real cloud taken from the sky. It is an artificial cotton cloud that is shining because of the hidden led lights inside it.

The led lights fixed inside the stairs always look great to eyes. The stairs are already white in color so the light in similar shade suits well with it.

You may find this messy chain a bit weird. But the use of led light on their tip has definitely enhanced the actual beauty of these artificial branches of a tree.

Look, what’s inside these glasses? The chain of thin strings with the attached led lights are enough to sparkle and making your room more brightening.