Trend of traditional wooden style decorations or furniture can’t be changed. Look at this pallet organizer that is looking superb without any patterns and designs.

This large plank of wood has been ideally used to make a shoe rack, decoration table and an adequate wall hanging space. Would you be able to find such multi-purpose organizer ever?

The perfect jewelry organizer constructed with the wood planks and nails. This is really looking quite useful and perfect to save your money on jewelry boxes and pouches.

Wall-hanging wooden piece with the six different areas of hanging stuff is looking gorgeous. It seems to be made quite easily. So, why don’t you try it now?

Never throw the old planks in the trash ever. This image gives the goals of making simple diy pallet organizer with the design of your choice.

Small, simple and beautiful wall hanging rack is best to store the keys, mobile phones and other little stuff. The dark colored wooden material is really looking great to the eyes.

I’m sure that you’ve never thought of such design of the shoe racks. The two styles of putting shoes make it more valuable by making it more convenient.

No more worries to keep your coffee mugs protected. This is undoubtedly the best way to keep the mugs away from reach of children and safe as well.

The section of shoe racks with some ordinary looks. This idea is perfect if you’re thinking about using the extra wood planks in a right way.

The vertical shaped pallet organizer with three different colors seems so refreshing on the white wall. You can add more racks in this row for sure.