The perfect home for your rabbits made with wooden material. The complete look of this hutch is being shown through its design. everyone can fall in love with this double story rabbit house.

Simple but broad wooden diy hutch that offers adequate space to sleep and eat to the rabbits. It is fully covered with net and boundaries have been constructed for more protection of rabbits.

What an innovation! The small home garden in the top with the wide hutch for your tamed rabbits. The ladder has also been added to help them reaching the small indoor space.

This all-net hutch or cage for rabbits is perfect for keeping multiple rabbits at one place. It seems solid-built and ideal choice for the baby rabbits as well.

Anyone can feel amazed by seeing this beautiful rabbit house. The small window, slide door and use of good quality wood make it worth seeing again and again.

One hutch with multiple sections portrays the lifestyle of rabbits in a perfect manner. The different spaces to eat, sleep, sit and play are commendable for sure.

The large double story house best to keep multiple rabbits without any hesitation. This also perfect to keep other animals because of its wider space.

The small hutch behind the low-roof net is actually linked with it through a wide pipe. This is actually a way that allow rabbits to go either in the house or inside the net area.

The wooden hutch constructed on the top side that doesn’t allow rabbits to live on the land. The excellently built hutch with the creative idea is here for sure.

This simple box shows the wide open area for rabbits to eat and play. However, the small house in the corner allows them to sleep properly with no disturbance.