The simple yet elegant vertical stand for the speakers can help you to put the speakers. Enjoy endless music streaming by putting the speakers in such a creative stand.

This stool-like table has been made with the round piece of wood attached with iron rods. What could you ask more after having such useful stand for your speakers?

Easier yet useful stand developed by using iron rods and small piece of wood. Put it on the table and keep the speaker more protected.

We mostly don’t see such longer pipe-like stands for speakers. This can actually replace the tables and give enough length for putting the speakers.

The heavy wooden pieces taken directly from the trees can also be used in such a creative manner. Make a tall stand with the attached box to keep the speakers inside.

You can say it a unique and trendy style of speaker stand to increase the beauty of your room. Look at the bottom of the stand which has installed wheels that make it movable.

These longer black sticks with the attached speakers fixing area doesn’t look traditional at all. You may agree with me that it only looks great in black.

No more styles and trendy looks. Simply, cut the tree woods in square shape and make each the speaker stand. Despite looking simple, it seems so elegant.

Less space requiring stand with the simple design you’ve seen ever is here. This is ideal for the long-shaped speakers. If you believe in simplicity, this can be a best pick for you.

The conventional style stands made with wood and iron can give a better place to your speakers. These stands are looking so durable from every angle.