The beautifully-made DIY water featuring decoration made with the bricks, iron and plastic board. Nobody needs to buy the expensive water fountains anymore.

There can’t be such excellent use of small mountain’s rocks and stones to construct a small cascade. The beautiful plants and colorful flowers are adding more charm in this corner’s space.

Water features or decorations also grab attention of the animals. The two dogs are busy in drinking water from this well-constructed DIY pot fountain.

Never throw the old clay pots in the trash. See, the level of creativity used to construct the beautiful fountain. The perfect use of pots to adorn the entrance of the garden is shown in this image.

The variety of clay pots and trays has been used intelligently with stones to make a perfect small water feature. The stunning color combination is enough to grab everybody’s eyeballs.

Another creative concept of constructing diy water feature. A large pot filled with the stone with the attached sticks of wood. The glass of wood is fixed in horizontal shape to show the beautiful waterfall.

Everything can be reused intelligently if you want to do. The use of these three old bottles in such a best way definitely deserve the praises.

The small waterfall space adorned with the green leaves and flowers gives a wonderful natural view of any real cascade. This is really breathtaking.

The large iron pots have been placed in the perfect positions that shows the stunning water feature. The surrounding green spaces add more life in the entire view.

The traditional style flower pot with the attached tap that also give view of beautiful waterfall is a must-have thing in your garden. It is giving a complete look to the garden indeed.