Who says that old furniture can’t be reused? This is the perfect example of transforming the traditional style furniture into a beautiful and trendy drawers rack.

The painted old rack of drawers is all set to be sold in hundreds of dollars. Apart from use of simple white base, the flower and leaf pattern increase the three times worth of this furniture.

The amazing theme of light and dark shades of blue with the white color has fully changed the outlook of the traditional drawers rack. Indeed, it is a perfect item for the corner or side spaces of the room.

This old wooden chair seems newer and better from every angle. Who would believe that it has been transformed in such a great manner and perfect choice of colors?

Nobody can resist without admiring the way this rack has been re-designed. The shiny white base with some antique touch of painted pattern of dragon make it more appealing furniture item.

Simplicity with the eye-grabbing design and patterns is perfectly shown in this large rack. A skilled craftsman transformed this old rack in a commendable manner.

Any old chair or stool can be re-created by adapting the design from top to bottom. Let’s have a look at the chair above that has been designed in a foremost artistic way.

Stop wasting money on buying the new table and chairs for dining room. Look at these chairs and tables which got mere paint and polish to get a newer look.

This color vertical shaped drawer’s rack doesn’t seem old anymore. The use of few intelligent DIY ideas changed it into a newly-bought furniture item.

Wait a minute! The horses are not running towards you so don’t be scared. This was just an old rack of three large drawers which got a jaw dropping transformation. Beautiful painting and commendable idea.