The traditional style sewing machines convenient stand that taken us to the era of early 70s. It is made up of wooden material that makes it more durable.

What could one ask for more than having a sewing machine with the attached lamp? This really shows convenience of sewing the clothes with clear visibility.

Wood is the evergreen material used for crafting the beautiful stands for various things. This large stand had been used to put sewing machines for using them properly.

The conventional sewing machines can variety of uses. See the above one which shows the perfect transformation of sewing machine’s upper part in to a lamp.

The intelligent use of old sewing machine’s stand by using the top area with decoration of framed photos. The bottom section couldn’t have any better use than keeping the books.

There is nothing useless in this world. The solid-built traditional style sewing machine stand is giving us perfect goals of reusing the old household things by making it a decoration table plus bookkeeping shelf.

Well, the beautiful DIY dressing table is all set to enhance the beauty of your room. You may not believe but this has been constructed by using old sewing machine stand.

What would you ask more after having such a beautiful flower pot attached with the old stand of sewing machine? Honestly, this is really commendable use of this stand.

The image gives us goals to turn old sewing machine’s stand (used by our mom) into a perfect side rack and book shelf. The decorated candles also looks great over it.

This is so clever idea indeed. The part of an iron-made sewing machine’s stand has been used superbly by making it an entrance gate. The most cost-effective gate with the assurance of full security.